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Why Choose A VPS?





Don't worry about having to fork out large amounts of cash for hardware, co location and data storage. Get everything you need from a dedicated VPS hosting solution, without the high cost of a dedicated server. VPS Packages from UK VPS Ltd provide you with state of the art technology, allowing you to have the full functionality of a dedicated server and hardware resources, but in a fully virtualized environment and for a fraction of the cost. You have full control with full root access over your virtual private server, plus the ability to fully customize and configure your virtual server software as you please.

You will have full access to your Linux server, as well as a user friendly interface of your choice for reboot and configuration options. We also provide access to the Power Panel which means you can instantly backup/restore files or the whole operating system from backup and reboot your VPS server as you wish giving you ultimate control over your server.

Your precious data is important to us, so backups are taken daily as part of all our packages, and we use ultra fast raided servers to maintain data integrity and availability.

Just Some Of The Benefits A VPS Solution Provides:-

  • Isolation - Virtuozzo provides isolation between each VPS and each customer. No customer can affect or crash other customers on the same server, even when customers have administrative access. Virtuozzo helps to minimize any downtime and eliminates issues and conflicts between customers.
  • Customer Self - Management - A web based interface allows end users to backup, restore, manage, recover, repair and reinstall a VPS without web hosting technical support.
  • Backup and Restore - Self-administered incremental and scheduled backup capability comes as a part of the Virtuozzo feature set. End-user backups enable quickly restoring and resuming work without support intervention. Administrative backups ensure VPS, server and business continuity for your customers.
  • Secure - A virtualized server is more secure than a dedicated server. The underlying architecture changes access points and prevents attacks such as Denial of Service.
  • Unmatched Plesk Support - Tight integration with Plesk includes templates that help use system resources well and expand system density for the best ROI and most efficient management of any service using virtualization.
  • Flexible Resource Control - Virtuozzo has the capability of limiting the resources of each VPS, but it also can be configured to allow VPSs to burst and use available resources on the server. Virtuozzo provides the flexibility and control to customize and provide a range of services to meet the requirements of any customer.
  • Complete Control & Administration Tools - Virtuozzo has a full set of tools for administrative level control including command line, GUI and web-based access. These intuitive tools to help you administer virtualized servers at any skill level, and manage Linux and Windows servers from the same interface.
  • Application Templates and Support - Include common applications in service offerings. Leverage the Virtuozzo templating technology to maintain small application footprints and overhead and provision and update quickly and easily.
  • Migration - Move VPSs to other physical servers to minimize the impact of server issues, upgrades or maintenance.
  • Easy Customer Upgrades - Upgrading an existing customer to a new Virtuozzo service is simple, changing the resources, the configuration or even moving to a new server can be done in real-time and without service interruption.