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What Is A Virtual Private Server Or VPS?





By using the industry leading virtualization solution Virtuozzo, we offer top of the line UK VPS packages for all customer types. Virtuozzo allows you to have several isolated VPS's (Virtual Private Servers) on one physical server, all with full root access with their own operating system and in their own environment. This means other customers CANNOT affect your performance; we back that with a 100% guarantee.

Virtuozzo creates isolated, secure virtual private servers (VPSs) or virtual environments on a single physical server enabling better server utilization, ensuring guaranteed resources and preventing applications from conflicting. Each VPS performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server; VPSs can be rebooted independently and have users, IP addresses, processes, system libraries and configuration files, just like a dedicated server. You have full control of your server with full root access over your virtual private server, plus the ability to fully customize and configure your virtual server software as you please.

As an Operating System virtualization solution, the unique architecture enables the most efficient use of hardware, software and management resources. The light overhead and efficient design of Virtuozzo makes it the right virtualization choice for server consolidation, disaster recovery and all production servers with live applications and data.

Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP) Access And Features

We provide Virtuozzo Power Panel access also as it is a powerful web-based recovery and administration tool, intended for use by VPS owners. With VZPP, a user with administrative access to a VPS can easily perform many critical management tasks such as :-

  • VPS Start/Stop/Reboot
    • Start, stop, fast stop and restart the VPS environment, even if unreachable by other methods.
  • VPS Services Management
    • Manage VPS services and processes such as stopping an offending task or restarting a service
  • VPS Resource Monitoring
    • Monitor VPS resource utilization for CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes
  • VPS Backup/Restore
    • Back up and restore the VPS from the backup including all system and user files
  • VPS Repair
    • Start the VPS in repair mode when a VPS is broken and does not boot
  • VPS Re-install
    • Reinstall the VPS from scratch, either saving or discarding existing files
  • VPS Actions Log
    • View the VPS actions log to monitor resource shortage alerts and various VPS events.